Ice Ice Babies!!

Family and ice cream go together like.. umm.. Family and Ice Cream!
But that’s the best combo ever! Mummy, Cece and I had a great day at the beach but it was so hot and we all needed cooling down. Then we heard it…. *Gasps* The Ice Cream van music!! *Screams* We ran as fast as our little legs would carry us, Mummy got there last so she was the rotten egg *Giggles*

ice ice babies


Hair  /Wasabi Pills/ – Missy Mesh Hair
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby Fitted
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Swimsuit – Tesoro – Hailey Swimwear {Coming soon to the Toddleedoo Fair!}

Visit Cece’s Blog to see what her and my Mummy are wearing!

Most items in the picture are from the Half Deer – Life is Sweet Gacha at the Arcade!

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