Little Pony Bebe.

That’s what my Mama calls me, her little pony bebe! When she adopted me I said her surname sounded like a my little pony so when I changed my surname to match her, she said I will always be her little pony bebe, and I will.. always ♡

I love my Mama so much, you know what else I love.. this new dress!!
I saw it whilst shopping at this months round of Color Me Cute, choosing which colour to buy was tricky as I loved the baby blue and yellow too, but when in doubt, I always go pink!

Little Pony Bebe.

Hair – Doe – Puddin – Blondes
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body – Toddleedoo – Baby
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

♡Dress – {Little Miss} – Embro Belted Dress – Fuschia @ Color Me Cute (May 2018)
♡Boots – Turducken – Cowboy Boots – Tan

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