Hope I’m not boring you with all this blogging but this is my last one for today I promise!! I wanted to get this one out today as this adorableeee outfit is available to grab Color Me Cute which starts tomorrow (15th January). It’s from MaPetit so please remember it only comes on sizes fit for the Bad Seed Bebe body! This super cute and cozy foxy jumper comes in 12 different colours (with both a plain and patterned shirt) and you can also grab yourself these cute little sneakers to match which ever colour you go for!


Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ – Suzy Mesh Hair – Blondes
Head – Toddleedoo – Alice
Body Bad Seed – Bebe Body
Skin – [okkbye] – Emmaline – 005
Ears – Mandala – Simple Ears

Outfit MaPetit – Bebe Lil Fox Jumper – Purin
Shoes – MaPetit – Lil Chucks – Bebe – Purin
HairbowWildflowers – Jorie Bow Peach (Gacha Item)
Binky Wildflowers – Jorie Paci Peach (Gacha Item)


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